AUDIO EAAudKit - Single Zone Audio Monitoring Kit EAAudKit2 - Single Zone Audio Monitoring Kit BOX CAMERAS BC-600 - B&W High Res Box Camera CC-420 - Color Standard Box Camera CC-550 - Color High Res Box Camera DNC-330 - Day / Night Standard Box Camera BULLET CAMERAS BB-420 - B&W Bullet Camera BC-330 - Color Bullet Camera BC-330B - Color Bullet Camera BCIR-420BLR - Day/Night IR Bullet Camera BCIR-550BVR - Day/Night IR Bullet Camera VB-480-49DC - Color High Res Bullet Camera VBDN-550B - Day / Night High Res IR Bullet Camera COVERT CAMERAS EDVCD-4GB - Portable Digital Video Capture Device MCC-330C - Color Pinhole Board Camera PIR-330 - Color Covert PIR Camera SD-330 - 1/3" Color Smoke Detector Camera CRT MONITORS BM-9B - 9" B/W CRT Monitor BM-12B - 12" B/W CRT Monitor CM-14A - 14" Color CRT Monitor DOME CAMERAS DC-380MINI - Color Mini-Dome Camera DC-550MINI - High Res Color Mini Dome Camera DC-550MINIVR - High Res Vandal Resistant Color Mini Dome Camera DCV-540 - Indoor Varifocal High Res Color Dome DDVCV3-550 - Indoor High Res Color Dome DDVDN-530 - Indoor Day/Night Dome Camera DDVDN-550 - Indoor Day/Night High Res Dome Camera DDVDN-550IR - Indoor Day/Night High Res IR Dome Camera DVCV39-530 - Vandal Day/Night Dome Camera DVCV39-530IR - Vandal Day/Night IR Dome Camera DVDNV3-480 - Day/ Night Dual Voltage Vandal Dome DVRS DVR-4500CF - Four Channel Simplex DVR EADVR-04 Series - Four channel DVR EADVR-08 Series - Eight channel DVR EADVR-16 Series - Sixteen channel DVR EAHDVR Series DVR - Four, Eight & Sixteen Channel H.264 DVR HOUSINGS, MOUNTS & LOCKBOXES ULB-18X18B, ULB-21X21B, ULB-21X24B - DVR Lock Box Camera Mounting Hardware & Control Site Accessories LCD MONITORS EALCD-15 - 15" TFT LCD Video Monitor BNC Looping / VGA EALCD-17 - 17" TFT LCD Video Monitor BNC Looping / VGA EALCD-19 - 19" TFT LCD Video Monitor BNC Looping / VGA EALCD-22 - 22" TFT LCD Video Monitor BNC Looping / VGA EALCD-24 - 24" TFT LCD Video Monitor BNC Looping / VGA EALCD-32 - 32" TFT LCD Video Monitor BNC Looping / VGA EAPVM-20 - 20.1" Public View Monitor with WDR Color Camera LENSES EAV358DC - Auto Iris Varifocal Lens EAV660DC - Auto Iris Varifocal Lens EAV2812DC - Auto Iris Varifocal Lens EBL6 - Board Lens EBL8 - Board Lens EBL12 - Board Lens EBL25 - Board Lens EMV358 - Manual Iris Varifocal Lens EMV660 - Manual Iris Varifocal Lens EMV2812 - Manual Iris Varifocal Lens MONITOR MOUNTS EALCDCMP3: Silver & EALCDCM3PB: Black - Extendable LCD Ceiling Mount EALCDLWM2P: Silver & EALCDLWM2PB: Black - Low Profile Heavy Duty LCD Wall Mount EALCDWM1P: Silver & EALCDWM1PB: Black - Fixed LCD Wall Mount with Tilt EALCDWM2P: Silver & EALCDWM2PB: Black - Low Profile LCD Wall Mount EALCDWM3P: Silver & EALCDWM3PB: Black - Universal LCD Wall Mount EALCDWM4P: Silver & EALCDWM4PB: Black - Extendable Reach Articulating LCD Wall Mount EALCDWMAA: Silver & EALCDWMAAB: Black - Heavy Duty Articulating LCD Wall Mount EALCDWMAP: Silver & EALCDWMAPB: Black - Heavy Duty Fixed LCD Wall Mount with Tilt EAPLCM3P: Silver & EAPLCM3PB: Black - Extendable Plasma Ceiling Mount EAPLWM1P: Silver & EAPLWM1PB: Black - Heavy Duty Plasma Wall Mount EAPLWMAA: Silver & EAPLWMAAB: Black - Heavy Duty Articulating Plasma Wall Mount EAPLWMF: Silver & EAPLWMFB: Black - Heavy Duty Fixed Wall Mount POWER SUPPLIES EAPS1295 - 12VDC 9 Output CCTV power supply EAPS2495 - 24VAC 9 OUTPUT 5AMP POWER SUPPLY EAPS121810 - 12VDC 18 OUTPUT 10AMP POWER SUPPLY EAPS241810 - 24VAC 18 OUTPUT 10AMP POWER SUPPLY QUADS & SWITCHERS CQRT-4B - Color Quad Processor ES8 - 8 Position Sequential Switcher SERVICE MONITORS CSM-4.2A - 4.2"TFT Service Monitor CSM-5.6A - TFT LCD Service Monitor VALUE KITS EAVK H.264 DVR Value Kit - See spec sheet for details EAVK Value Kit - See spec sheet for details VIDEO BALUNS EAVBR, EAVBT - Active Receiver and Transmitter EPVB - Passive Video Transceiver Balun