60-620-01 SuperBus 2000 Energy Saver Module:  Monitor and Control Home Heating and Cooling. Analog Thermostats Only   
60-677 Interrogator 200 Audio Verification Module:  Adds Two-Way Voice Capability to a Concord Panel.   
60-756 Combo Input/Output Snapcard:  3 Hardwire Inputs, 1 Two-Wire Smoke Input, 2 Form-C Relay Outputs. 2K Ohm Resistors Included   
60-757 8-Zone Input Expansion Snapcard:  6 Hardwire Inputs, 2 Two-Wire Smokes. 2K Ohm Resistors Included   
60-758 4-Zone Output Snapcard:  4 Form-C Relay Outputs   
60-770 SuperBus 2000 4 Relay Output Module:  Adds 4 Programmable Relay Outputs. 2K Ohm Resistors Included   
60-774 SuperBus 2000 8-Zone Input Module:  Adds 8 Additional Supervised Hardwire Zones. 2K Ohm Resistors Included   
60-777-01 SuperBus 2000 Phone Interface/Voice Module:  Adds Phone Control, On-Premise Voice Annunciation and Voice Zone Descriptors. Requires 8 Ohm Speaker   
60-783-02 SuperBus 2000 Automation Module w/RS232:  Integrates Concord w/Energy Management Systems, Lighting Controls and Audio/Video Systems.   
60-836 Superbus 2000 Voice Module:  Expand the Panel w/Advanced Voice Messaging Functions. Digital Voice Chip Has a Vocabulary of Over 220 Words. Requires 8 Ohm Speaker   
60-719 ToolBox Modem Kit:  Recommended Modem for Remote Programmer   
60-791 Installation Programming Cable:  Quick Plug Cable for Programming Touchpads   
60-817 Commercial Bus Module Mounting Kit:  Used for Mounting Up to 4 Add-On Peripherals. Rail-Mounted Inside the Enclosure   
600-1019 SuperBus 2000 2AMP Power Supply   
600-1053 Concord 4 GSM Kit   
80-936 SuperBus Transceiver w/Enclosure   
80-922-1 Repeater Kit 319.5, with Crystal Transmitter   
60-401 Rf Sniffer:  Installation Tool Used to Determine if a Learn Mode Sensor is Transmitting   
60-763 Lock and Key Set for Enclosures:  Included in Concord Packages   
600-1023 Class 2 Transformer:  16.5V, 40VA   
600-1024 Class 2 Transformer:  16.5V, 40VA, w/Power Line Carrier